Pearson Realty

Jonathan Motl

Vice President, Ag Division

Jonathan has recently joined the Pearson team as a sales associate in early 2018 after working alongside Matt McEwen and Roy Pennebaker since 2016. Jonathan is an honors graduate of Fresno Pacific with a degree in Business Management where he learned to create and implement effective marketing plans. During his time at Pearson, Jonathan has been involved in commercial Ag sales throughout Tulare County concerning open farmland and permanent plantings as well as rural residential properties with acreage.


  • Bachelor of Arts: Business Management, Fresno Pacific University, Honors Graduate.
  • College of the Sequoias: Liberal Arts.

Current Listings

Title Acreage Price Status
Ducor Citrus Ranch 100 acs. $2,200,000 For Sale
Seville Olive Ranch 60 acs. $1,500,000 For Sale
Deer Creek Citrus Ranch 119.57 acs. $3,100,000 For Sale
Farmersville Area Walnuts 45.35 acs. $1,125,000 For Sale
Pond Ranch Section 1 602.55 acs. $6,650,000 For Sale
Pond Ranch Section 3 593.1 acs. $8,500,000 For Sale
Pond Ranch Section 15 632.72 acs. $8,500,000 For Sale
Pond Ranch Section 16 616.22 acs. $8,500,000 For Sale
Farmersville Area Transitional Land 19.23 acs. $730,000 For Sale
Farmersville Walnuts 40.21 acs. $1,200,000 For Sale
Ivanhoe Citrus Ranch 58.47 acs. $2,631,150 For Sale
Orange Cove Citrus 14.63 acs. $579,000 For Sale
O C I D Citrus Ranch 65.79 acs. $2,460,000 For Sale
Terra Bella Citrus And Young Pistachios 37.34 acs. $1,400,000 For Sale
Orosi Area Almonds And Citrus 54.2 acs. $1,900,000 For Sale
Tulare I. D. Organic Walnuts 157.62 acs. $6,557,600 Sale Pending
Tulare I. D. Walnut Ranch 40 acs. $1,600,000 Sale Pending
Orosi Citrus Ranch 60.03 acs. $2,350,000 Sale Pending
Woodlake Citrus Ranch 94.67 acs. $3,950,000 Sale Pending
Visalia Area Walnuts 40 acs. $1,100,000 Sale Pending
Woodlake Open Ground 20.05 acs. $460,000 Sale Pending