906.8 acs. Kern County Almonds Matador and Sunbird Ranches


Wasco, CA

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Status: For Sale
Acres: 906.8±
Price Per Acre: $17,661


This 892.29± assessed acre opportunity (plus 14.51± assessed acres of Licensed Area) is planted to 872.57± acres of Almonds (plus 13.49± acres of Licensed Area planting). The offering consists of two separate ranches; the Sunbird Ranch is 308.22± assessed acres (plus 14.51± acres of Licensed Area) and the Matador Ranch 584.07± assessed acres. The Sunbird ranch is planted to 297.85± acres of Almonds (plus 13.49± acres of Licensed Area planting). The Matador Ranch is planted to 574.72± acres of Almonds. There are 5 wells, between both ranches, each with a reservoir, and filter station. The Matador filter station is enclosed within a steel framed metal building. The properties are located in Semi-Tropic Water Storage District and can receive contract and non-contract water from 4 meters. Non-contract lands can purchase non-contract from the district when available, even though all the property does not have entitlement. The offering also features: Young plantings, Pump back meters into Semi-Tropic WSD, Productive soils, and Offers Income & tax benefits.


The Matador Ranch is located at the northeast corner of Wildwood Road and McCombs Road. Approximately 7.5± miles northwest of the City of Wasco and 34± miles northwest of the City of Bakersfield. The Sunbird Ranch is located at the north side of Highway 46, and is 1.5± west of Gun Club Road. Approximately 12± miles northwest of the City of Wasco and 39± miles northwest of the City of Bakersfield.


Sunbird Ranch APN 069-271-33. The licensed area is APN 069-271-32. Matador Ranch APN: 059-290-09.


The properties are irrigated by 5 wells and Semi-Tropic WSD with contract and non-contract water when available. The properties in total have 160± acres of contract water entitlement and 732.30± acres non-contract water. In 2023 STWSD levee’s three primary charges; service charge of $86 per acre foot of entitlement, water charge $69 per acre foot delivered, and an ET charge. Non-Contracted lands are assessed two primary charges; $175/$177/$179/AF delivered when available (winter/summer/allocated) and ET charge based on usage. In 2022/23, on behalf of the STWSD the Kern County Tax Collector collected a charge of $139±/acre with the 2022/23 property taxes for all parcels. Sunbird Ranch: There is 1 well equipped with a 125HP electric motor. This ranch has 160± acres of contract entitlement (3.5± ft/ac) through turnout S-242, totaling 560± acre-feet. The remaining 148.2± acres of the property is non-contract service through turnout S41T. The orchard is irrigated by a nicely appointed fanjet system, with a lined reservoir, 12 sand media filters, 125HP electric booster pump, and gypsum silo. Matador Ranch: There are 4 wells equipped with a 400HP electric motor, and (3) 250±HP natural gas engine/gearhead. The equipment has been removed from DW2 the condition of this well in unknown. This ranch has 584.1± acres of non-contract service through turnouts PP561T that is powered by a rented diesel booster pump and PP474T that is powered by an electric booster pump. The orchard is irrigated by nicely appointed fanjet system, with 1 reservoir, 30 sand media filters enclosed in a steel framed metal building, 2 (167 HP) natural gas engine booster pumps, and gypsum silo.


Zoned A (Exclusive Agricultural), and all but licensed area APN 069-271-32 are enrolled in the Williamson Act.

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