1,237.33 acs. Wasco Almonds Portwood Kern Ranch


Wasco, CA

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Status: For Sale
Acres: 1237.33±
Price Per Acre: $16,568


This 1,237.33± assessed acre opportunity is planted to 1,189.2± acres of almonds. There are 7 irrigation wells, 3 reservoirs with 3 filter stations, and a 694 kw AC solar system. The site is located in Semi-Tropic WSD and has 4 non-contract meters and 4 non-contract canal lift pumps, though the property does not have contract water. Additionally, there is a fenced equipment yard, steel framed shop, and pole barn. The offering also features: Young almond plantings, pump back meters into Semi-Tropic WSD, productive soils, and offers income & tax benefits.


Southwest corner of Highway 46 and Wildwood Road, west of Wasco, Ca. The property has 1± mile of frontage on Highway 46 and 2+-miles frontage on Wildwood Road. Approximately 5± miles west of Wasco, and 31± miles NW of Bakersfield. The physical address of the equipment yard is 15689 Wildwood Road, Wasco, Ca 93280.


Kern County, California. APN: 069-262-49 and 069-280-07


The property is irrigated by 7 wells and Semi-Tropic WSD non-contract water when available. The wells are equipped with 300 HP electric motors. There is 1 old ag well with an 8” PVC casing installed that is not currently in use and condition is unknown. The land is located in Semi-Tropic Water Storage District (STWSD) and has 4 intermittent service non-contract meters (P-30, P-32, P-34 & P-40) and 4 non-contract canal lift pumps (meters PP357ST, PP357NT, PP383NT & PP383ST). The intermittent service meters are set up to pump water back into the district as needed. In 2023 STWSD non-contract owners are assessed two primary charges; water charge of $175/$177/$179 AF delivered when available (winter/summer/allocated), and an ET charge. In 2022/23, on behalf of the STWSD, the Kern County Tax Collector collected a charge of $139±/acre with the county property taxes. The orchards are irrigated by nicely appointed double line drip systems with 3 lined reservoirs. The north reservoirs are equipped with 12 sand media filters, the south reservoir with 24 sand media filters, each with sulfur burners, 1 gypsum silo (south reservoir), and with electric 125 HP booster pumps with VFD’s at each of the north reservoirs & 2 electric 150 HP booster pumps at the south reservoir. Additionally, the following improvements in Section 12 purchase power from STWSD: 2 canal lift pumps, 1 of the filter stations & the booster pumps, and 1 well. There is a domestic pressure system with storage tank for the equipment yard and shop area.


Zoned A (Exclusive Agricultural), and is enrolled in the Williamson Act.


SOLAR GENERATION Within the last 12 billing cycles (5/10/22 to 5/9/23) the solar system created 1,576,340 kwh (45.8% of total useage) which translated to a savings of $187,292.

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