244.5 acs. Vista Pistachio Ranch


Chowchilla, CA

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Status: For Sale
Acres: 244.5±
Price Per Acre: $36,000


Pistachios planted in the early 1970’s. Spacing is 24’ x 12’. Variety: Kerman with the pollinators being Peters on Atlantica rootstock. (Any replants are on UCB-1 rootstock)


The property is located 5± miles northwest of Chowchilla in Merced County


075-120-023 & 075-130-015


There are two wells on the property. Well #1 was drilled in 2015 and equipped with a 250 HP turbine motor, eight sand media filters, and bulk gypsum silo. There is also a 125 HP pump & well located on adjoining property and under a shared use contract. Water may be delivered through dual line drip, single line sprinklers, or flood irrigation. A booster pump is located on the north side of the property adjacent to the Chowchilla WD canal. Property is located within the Chowchilla Water District and receives water from lateral #3 on turnout #2 & #3. The average water run is May-September and users are charged based on the meter at each turnout. When it comes to the cost of water within the district, there is a fixed annual water assessment of $62/acre and a variable rate based on quantity. The variable water costs from the Chowchilla WD are as follows: 2017: cost $75/ac. ft.; 2018: cost $70/ac. ft.; 2019: cost $75/ac. ft.; 2020: cost $100/ac. ft.; 2021: cost $150/ac. ft.; 2022: cost $200/ac. ft.; 2023: cost $96/ac. ft.


0808 (Agricultural, Trees or Vines). The property is not in the Williamson Act Contract.

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