218.71 acs. Buttonwillow Almond and Pistachio Offering


Buttonwillow, CA

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Status: For Sale
Acres: 218.71±
Price Per Acre: $22,404


This 218.71± acre almond and pistachio opportunity with estate home is in the desirable farming area of Buttonwillow, CA. The orchards are in full production and have good production history. All of the land is in the Semi-Tropic Water Storage District boundaries with 39.23± acres receiving contract water with the balance of the land being eligible for non-contract water. The farm has one agricultural well. Additionally, there is a 2,834± sq. ft. estate home, 2 rental units, pole barn and 2 shops. This opportunity features Semi-Tropic WSD and well water, mature almond and pistachio orchards, productive soils, estate home, rental units, investment offers income and tax benefits.


The offering begins ½ mile west of intersection of Rowlee Road and Riverside Street. The property is approximately 9± miles west of Shafter, 21± miles northwest of Bakersfield, 123± miles north of Los Angeles and 268± miles south of San Francisco. The physical address is 25752 Riverside Street, Buttonwillow, CA 93206.


087-100-08, 16, 17, 34, 35, & 087-130-09, 10 , 11.


The property is improved with one well and is located in the Semi-Tropic Water Storage District (STWSD). The well is equipped with an electric motor, VFD panel, sand media filters, and acid injection system. 39.23± acres have 137.3 AF of contract water entitlement delivered through meter B-30. In 2023, STWSD levees three primary contract charges; service charge of $86/AF of entitlement, water charge of $69/AF delivered, and an ET charge. The balance of the farm can receive non-contract water through meter BR 293T. In 2023, STWSD non-contract owners are assessed two primary charges of $175/$177/$179 AF delivered when available (winter/summer alloted), and an ET charge. In 2023/24, on behalf of the STWSD the Kern County Tax Collector collects a total charge of $139±/acre with the property 2023/24 taxes. The almonds are irrigated with a fan jet system, the pistachios with a single line drip system.


The site is zoned A (Exclusive Agricultural) and is not enrolled in the Williamson Act according to the county website.

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