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472.91 acs. Madera Almonds, Homes & Shops


A great opportunity to acquire a large contiguous block of almonds located in a prime nut growing region of Madera County. The almond orchard was planted by 6 pumps & wells and distributed to each block by an extensive and efficient micro-sprinkler irrigation system. The farming operation is supported by three large metal shop building. Situated in the heart of the ranch is a beautiful executive style residence with approximately 8,600± SF, also included are two nice ranch style houses for family or employees.

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20.05 acs. Woodlake Open Ground

$460,000Sale Pending

Available for sale is a 20.05± acre property that had been previously planted to citrus. The property is currently open and ready to be redeveloped.

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38.21 acs. Adams Avenue Almonds


Located in the highly sought-after Fresno Irrigation District, this 38.21± acre almond orchard has been well maintained. In addition to district water, there is an ag well with a 50 HP pump. The orchard is irrigated by flood with turnouts at each row. The property is currently leased through December 31, 2026 with a 5 year option to extend the term. Annual rent is 20% of the crop proceeds.

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261.47 acs. Madera I. D. Almonds

$9,151,450Sale Pending

The Madera Irrigation District Almonds property consist of seven (7) different fields situated in a prime almond growing region between the cities of Fresno and Madera. The 261.47± assessed acres include Nonpreil, Montrey, Fritz, Wood Colony, Butte and Aldridge almonds, The ranch is located in Madera Irrigation District and also includes irrigation pumps and wells. There is one employee house and two shop buildings on the property.

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