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94.9 acs. Ducor Table Grapes Ranch 64 & Clyde Lease


This 94.90± acre opportunity is located northwest of Ducor, CA. The land is being farmed to quality table grapes with V-Gable Trellis. 47.57± acres are fee owned, and 47.90± acres are lease hold interests. The fee owned property is improved with 2 wells, a ranch house and shed. This unique investment opportunity offers quality tables grapes, farm income, tax benefits, a home, and well water.

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101.81 acs. Delano Earlimart I D Table Grapes - Ranch 48


This opportunity is located in the desirable farming area of east Earlimart, CA. The subject property is planted to table grapes with V-Gable Trellis. This unique investment opportunity offers tables grapes, income, tax benefits, district water & well water and reasonable soils.

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135 acs. Early Edison Farmland


This 135± acre opportunity in the early farming area of Edison, CA. The land was previously planted to cherries. The site could be suited for; citrus, cherries, stone fruit, pomegranates, pistachios, other permanent crops, row/field/vegetable crops, or could be used to assist landowners with mitigating SGMA. This property offers; 1 well, good soils, early location, tax benefits, and possible land to assist with SGMA mitigation.

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