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160 acs. Kern County Land Valley West Road Offering


The 160± acres are conveniently located on paved Valley West Road 19± miles southwest of Bakersfield. The owner reports the land was historically farmed to cotton. The site is traversed by Buena Vista Creek in the southwest corner. Surrounding land uses include but are not limited to; agricultural (pistachios, grazing, dry farming, and bee keeping), rural home sites and life style, oil and gas, recreation, mitigation, and open space.

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160 acs. Kamm Avenue Ranch

$1,440,000Sale Pending

The ranch has been laser leveled and is irrigated with a solid set sprinkler system. Most recent crops grown include dehydrator vegetables and similar field crop commodities.

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180 acs. Hills Valley Navel Ranch


Available for sale is a 180± acre citrus ranch located north of Orange Cove in Hills Valley Irrigation District. The ranch features young navels, wind machines, and two sources of irrigation water.

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200 acs. Academy Ranch

$1,200,000Sale Pending

200± acres of pasture. Dry Creek, Dog Creek and a small mountain runoff stream run through the property seasonally.

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