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703 acs. San Luis Water District Almonds


This 703± assessed acre property is planted to almonds of 9 different varieties of various ages. There are four separate properties located within close proximity. All properties are located within the San Luis Water District. Two properties have pressurized water delivered to the property. Two properties have lift pumps to access district water. The soils on these properties are mostly grade 1 and are very productive.

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793.95 acs. Cantua Creek Almonds


The North ranch is planted to 157.20± acres 2013 Nonpareil 50% , Aldridge 16.6%, Butte 16.6% and Wood Colony 16.6% (spacing 22’ x 14’) and 159± acres planted to 2014 Nonpareil 50%, Aldridge 16.6%, Butte 16.6%, and Wood Colony 16.6% (spacing 22’ x 14’). The South ranch is planted to 151.2± acres of 2004 Nonpareil 50%, Fritz 25% and Monterey 25%; 80± acres of 2006 Butte Padre and 80± acres of 2007 Butte Padre (spacing 22’ x 17’) and 140± acres of 2013 Nonpareil 50%, Wood Colony 25% and Aldridge 25% (spacing 22’ x 15’) and 18± acres planted to 2011 Nonpareil 50%, Wood Colony 25% and Monterey 25% (spacing 22’ x 15’). All planted on Hansen Hybrid Root Stock.

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800 acs. Long Branch Cattle Ranch


This is a very nice cattle ranch located just seven miles southeast of Porterville in Tulare County. It is a well-managed property with all relatively new fencing. It is cross fenced into three 160± acre pastures plus one 320± acre pasture. With two wells and two year-round springs, each field has a reliable source of livestock water. There are two sets of corrals on the property, each made out of Powder River panels. Each corral has full sized squeeze chutes and loading chutes. The larger corral also has a Powder River calf chute. There is a pole barn for hay storage next to the larger set of corrals. Access to the ranch is by a maintained fire control drive, which crosses the property.

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959.54 acs. Wasco Almonds - Golden Bear


This 959.54± assessed acre opportunity is planted to 919.6± acres of almonds. There is an equipment yard, mobile home, one steel framed shop, and two filter stations enclosed with steel framed metal buildings. There are 6 irrigation wells with 2 reservoirs and filter stations. The property is located in Semi-Tropic Water Storage District and has 6 non-contract turn-outs with 4 pump-back meters. Additional irrigation water can be purchased from the water district when available, though the property does not have contract water. The offering also features predominately grade 1 soils, income, tax benefits and a desirable growing area for almonds & pistachios.

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959.54 acs. Elkhorn Treefruit, Vineyard & Open Ground

$22,075,000Sale Pending

A unique opportunity to acquire a large diversified farm situated in a desirable tree and vine growing region. The acreage consists of 3 separate blocks, all in close proximity. The plantings include numerous tree fruit varieties and vineyard farmed for raisins. The growing crops are included in the sale with reimbursement to Seller for cultural costs. The farm investment offers economies of scale, income and significant tax benefits.

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