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80 acs. Visalia Area Navel Ranch

$1,840,000Sale Pending

Available for sale is a citrus ranch located west of Ivanhoe, California and northeast of Visalia, California. The property features Ag wells and mature navel orchard.

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80 acs. Buttonwillow Land Offering


This 80± acre offering is located in the Buttonwillow, CA area. The land is located within the Semi-Tropic Water Storage District’s boundaries. Surrounding land uses include but are not limited to; dry land farming, bee keeping, mitigation, open space, recreation, oil and gas, and solar.

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80.73 acs. Visalia Future Industrial


This property is located adjacent to the Visalia Industrial Park on Kelsey Street just north of Highway 198. The parcel has Industrial zoning on two sides along with Service Commercial zoning on its southwest border. Visalia City General Plan designated this property in the 2020 General plan as industrial and located within Tier 1.

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85.65 acs. Ivanhoe I D Citrus Ranch


Available for sale is a well-managed citrus ranch located east of Ivanhoe, California, within Ivanhoe Irrigation District. The property features mature navel and valencias, wind machines, and two sources of water.

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94.9 acs. Ducor Table Grapes Ranch 64 & Clyde Lease


This 94.90± acre opportunity is located northwest of Ducor, CA. The land is being farmed to quality table grapes with V-Gable Trellis. 47.57± acres are fee owned, and 47.90± acres are lease hold interests. The fee owned property is improved with 2 wells, a ranch house and shed. This unique investment opportunity offers quality tables grapes, farm income, tax benefits, a home, and well water.

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