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392 acs. Lake Success Cattle Ranch


This property is a multi-generational, working cattle ranch that overlooks Lake Success to the east and Bartlett Park to the south. This ranch is fully fenced for cattle and has two wells located on-site. This foothill ranch serves as a weekend getaway with dynamic opportunities for outdoor recreation, a retreat location, beautiful homesites, and space for hiking and biking. Lake Success offers quick access to aquatic activities such as fishing, boating, water skiing, and the location boasts panoramic views of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

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111.42 acs. Wheeler Ridge Maricopa Water Storage District Almonds


This 111.42± acre opportunity is in the desirable farming area of Mettler, CA. The productive soils are being farmed to three varieties of almonds. Irrigation water is provided by both contract district water and one well. Surrounding agricultural uses include but are not limited to: almonds, table grapes, citrus, blueberries, stone fruit, pistachios, and vegetable crops.

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152.64 acs. Almonds San Luis Water District


A mature almond orchard planted in 1999 (22 yrs.). This property offers income potential and tax benefits as it has the potential to produce reasonably for the next few years and has very good soils, climate and district water to continue once redeveloped.

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793.95 acs. Cantua Creek Almonds


The North ranch is planted to 157.20± acres 2013 Nonpareil 50% , Aldridge 16.6%, Butte 16.6% and Wood Colony 16.6% (spacing 22’ x 14’) and 159± acres planted to 2014 Nonpareil 50%, Aldridge 16.6%, Butte 16.6%, and Wood Colony 16.6% (spacing 22’ x 14’). The South ranch is planted to 151.2± acres of 2004 Nonpareil 50%, Fritz 25% and Monterey 25%; 80± acres of 2006 Butte Padre and 80± acres of 2007 Butte Padre (spacing 22’ x 17’) and 140± acres of 2013 Nonpareil 50%, Wood Colony 25% and Aldridge 25% (spacing 22’ x 15’) and 18± acres planted to 2011 Nonpareil 50%, Wood Colony 25% and Monterey 25% (spacing 22’ x 15’). All planted on Hansen Hybrid Root Stock.

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606.11 acs. Warnerville 606


Warnerville 606 offers an opportunity to purchase a large block of producing almonds located in a desirable location of Stanislaus County. The subject property consists of four contiguous parcels of 10th leaf almonds, totaling 606.11± gross assessed acres and net planted to a total of 505± acres. The ranch includes two residential rental homes and two 1± acre fenced solar panel sites to offset the electrical costs of the agricultural wells.

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