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519.97 acs. Tollhouse Ranch


Approximately 519 acres of recreational and grazing ranch property adjacent to the unincorporated town of Tollhouse, Ca. The property is unusual in that it is comprised of three different plant communities having a large and diverse variety of game. There is a dramatic 1400 foot elevation change from the lower foothill woodland plant community to the Ponderosa pine forest community on the upper end of the property. The property is surrounded by national forest which augments the size of the subject property and recreational use.

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80 acs. North Star Dairy


The Dairy which includes 80± acres, two free stall barns with 1,380 sand bedded stalls, D-24 De laval parlor, two 8,000 gal. bulk tanks and 19,000,000± gal lagoon. All floors are heated in the barns and parlor area. The concrete forage pad has a capacity of 30,000± tons. There is a 40’x80’ heated shop and bulk hopper bins for supplements.

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208.36 acs. High Plains Dairy


Dairy - The dairy consists of a 1,935± free stall in 2 sand bedded barns. Barn 1 is 1,020’± x 135’±. Barn 2 is 660’± x 121’± with parlor, connecting crosswalks, holding area and a maternity 50’± x 240’± area. There is also a 72’± x 80’± heated shop. Parlor - Double 24 parallel with sub-way. Currently milking 2,500±, 2.5x. Feed Area - 40,000± ton forage pad, scale, 8 bay commodity shed. Manure Handling - Sand recycling lane, concrete storage pad, 3 stage 30,500,000± gallon lagoon. All pumps included. Agreements - Seller has agreement in place for manure application and forage production.

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303.46 acs. Pleasants Valley Open & Potential Home Sites


The subject property is blended with native dry pasture and good farming open ground. There is an opportunity for permanent plantings to be planted on the property. There are great looking young walnuts to the south and east of the location as well as some vines and wine varietals in the area. The balance has great views and adequate access from a paved county road for a beautiful home(s) to be built on top of the mountains as well as taking advantage of cattle grazing potential income. The location of the property is relatively close to the City of Vacaville.

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