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406.65 acs. S S J M U D Table Grapes – Ranch 7 And 47


This 406.65± acre opportunity is located in the desirable farming area of McFarland, CA. The land is being farmed to seven varieties of table grapes including both organic and conventional. The site has both contract district water from Southern San Joaquin Municipal Utility District and well water. The offering is improved with an office, spacious residence, two fenced shops/equipment yards, mobile home, two shops and three pole barns. This unique investment opportunity offers; quality table grapes, SSJMUD district water and well water, excellent rated soils, income, and tax benefits.

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161.06 acs. Wasco Wine Grapes - Ranch 344


The 161.06± assessed acre opportunity is located in the desirable farming area of Wasco. The land is planted to 157.26± acres of high-density wine grapes. The vineyard is irrigated with 1 well and can receive non-contract water from Semi-Tropic WSD. The offering features: non-contract water from Semi-Tropic WSD and well water, productive soils, vineyard in full production, income, and tax benefits.

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79.11 acs. Northern Organic Almonds


Opportunity to purchase 79.11± gross acres planted to 65± net acres of young income producing almonds. Almonds were planted in the year 2016 on Nemaguard Rootstock and will be classified certified organic in the year 2022.

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380.51 acs. M C Farms - Almonds


This MC Farms almond offering includes 260.51± acres of fee simple property and a 120± acre leasehold interest. The northern block consists of approximately 210± acres planted to Nonpareil, Wood Colony, and Monterey varieties, and the southern block consists of approximately 160± acres Nonpareil, Wood Colony, and Aldrich varieties. 120± acres of the southern block is a leasehold interest with 17 years remaining on the lease. Lease Summary: Premises: 120 acres; Fresno County APN: 017-080-74s. Lease Term: 23 years from January 1, 2016 through December 31, 2038. Annual Rent: $60,000.00 ($500/acre) due on January 15th of each year. Option to Renew: At fair market value. Expenses: Lessee shall be responsible for all expenses and maintenance: taxes, insurance, utilities, water costs, etc. Assignment: Lessor’s written consent is required for assignment of lease.

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