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155.51 acs. Alta Irrigated Land

$4,045,000Sale Pending

This open land has historically been planted to row crops but would be ideal for permanent plantings such as oranges, grapefruit, mandarins or pistachios. This property has desirable surface water rights through ALTA irrigation district and wells.

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57.14 acs. Visalia Open Land


This open farm land opportunity sits just outside of the Visalia sphere of influence. The ranch recently had the older walunt orchard removed. The property has been ripped and leveled so it is ready to plant. The area is known for being able to grow a wide range of permanent plantings on its Class 1 soils with two sources of water.

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6,439.3 acs. Ryer Island Farm


A rare opportunity to acquire a large, investment grade farm located in California’s water rich Delta region. The 6,439.30± acre property has enjoyed an abundance of inexpensive water sustained by Pre 1914 Water Rights. Approximately 880 acres of the Ryer Island farm are improved with an extensive tile drain system to allow for expanded development of permanent crops. The owner has almond trees ordered to plant the tiled portion of the property, which may be available for a buyer. The farm investment also offers fertile soils, economies of scale, income, depreciation and minimal impacts from SGMA.

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38.67 acs. Madera Co. Almonds

$1,353,450Sale Pending

2014 almonds in great condition. Plantings are 50% Nonpareil and 50% Wood Colony with spacing of 13’ x 22’±. Trees are planted east to west.

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46 acs. Kern County Citrus Ranch

$1,475,000Sale Pending

This is a nicely farmed citrus ranch located southeast of Delano, California. The property features lemon, Navel and Valencia varieties, surface irrigation water, and a remodeled home that is currently rented.

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158.18 acs. Lamont Farmland Opportunity

$3,800,000Sale Pending

This 158.18± acre opportunity is located in Lamont, CA. This open ground is currently being farmed to corn and alfalfa. The farm is irrigated by 1 well and is located in the highly sought Kern Delta Water District (KDWD). This investment offers great potential for permanent crops, productive soils, located in Kern Delta Water District and Tax benefits.

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