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13.68 acs. Fresno Packing & Cold Storage Facility


A packing/cold storage plant located in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley suitable for packing or processing vegetables, fresh fruit or nut crops. The property is in Fresno County’s southeast growth area (SEGA), located within the City’s Sphere of Influence. The 13.68± acres of land will provide additional room for building expansion.

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661.17 acs. Twin Sisters Ranch


Foothill grazing ranch currently leased for $4000/year. The ranch is at approximately the 2000’ to 2500’ elevation. Historically there was much activity in the area during the gold rush and there were several gold mines which are not currently active. Purportedly there are utilities (electricity and telephone) available to the subject property.

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241.91 acs. Diversified Farming With Development Potential

$8,925,000Sale Pending

Subject property consists of 241.91± assessed acres for sale with some future development potential. Over 148± acres of subject property is located within the City Sphere of Influence of Sanger or Fowler, with 39.09± acres being recently conditionally re-zoned M-2 (General Industrial). All properties are currently being farmed with over 106± acres in almonds and the balance in grapes, peaches, and open land. Soils are predominantly Class1 with some Class 2 Storie Index Rating, and good-excellent SAGBI rating. Ranches are ideal for growing crops and possible ground-water recharge. All ranches are located within either Consolidated, C.I.D./Church or Fresno Irrigation District. Please see individual ranch pages in brochure for detailed APN, Legal, Zoning, Planting, Soil, and Water information.

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2,645.71 acs. Manning Ave. Ranch & San Mateo Ave. Ranch


The Manning Ave. Ranch fronts along the north side of Manning Ave., except for 160 acres which lies along the south side of Manning Ave.. The property is part of the Westlands Water District . It is 4± miles long (east and west) and generally 1± mile wide (north and south). The property is also defined along its eastern boundary by the San Luis Canal. The land is developed to approx. 1,760± acs. of mature almond orchard fields & 670± acs. open land. The San Mateo Ave Ranch is L shaped and it fronts along west side of San Mateo Ave. It is part of the Farmers Water District. The land is utilized as fallow open land.

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640 acs. Earlimart Organic Table Grapes

$8,000,000Sale Pending

This 640± acre opportunity is located in the desirable farming of Earlimart, CA. The land is being farmed to; 77.64± acres of organic Great Green table grapes, 72.23± acres of organic Timpson table grapes, 142.86± acres of Sweet Sunshine table grapes that will be certifi ed organic 8-25-19 (before harvest), 148.24± acres of Autumn King table grapes that will be certified organic 8-30-20, 82.7± acres abandoned Scarlet Royal table grapes, 82.9± acres abandoned table grapes, with the balance of the site consisting of reservoir, fenced equipment yard, loading docks, mobile home and roads. All active blocks have high gable trellis with young graftable root stock. The offering is well suited for continued organic table grapes, and/or redevelopment of abandoned block to other tables grapes, almonds, pistachios, blueberries, cherries, row crops, field crops, vegetable crops, or could assist with mitigating SGMA.

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628.52 acs. Deer Creek Farmland

$11,628,000Sale Pending

This 628.52± acre opportunity is located in the desirable farming of Earlimart, CA. The site is traversed by Deer Creek on the northwest corner. The land was being farmed to table grapes with T trellis and Gable trellis. The offering would make an excellent candidate for table grapes, almonds, pistachios, blueberries, cherries, row crops, field crops, vegetable crops, or could be ideal for a percolation basin for water banking.

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