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34.15 acs. Del Rey Area Vineyard


This property is located in an ideal growing area for a wide range of permanent plantings. The vineyard is a mature Thompson raisin ranch with a drip irrigation system and a newer pump with good water.

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218.89 acs. Madera Young Almonds


This beautiful ranch consists of 9th leaf almonds planted to Nonpareil and Monterey varieties 50%± -50%±. The planted almond varieties are planted North and South. The MID canal borders the subject property on the east boundary of the entire property. There are permanent plantings to the northwest, west and south of the subject property. The property is extremely well maintained and planted with Nemaguard rootstock.

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20 acs. F. I. D. Kerman Almonds & Vineyard


The subject property, located in the Fresno Irrigation District, includes both a vineyard and almond orchard. The vineyard is planted to Thompson grapes and the almond orchard is planted to 50/50 Nonpareil and Fritz almonds.

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77.19 acs. Academy Ranch With F. I. D. Water

$3,049,005Sale Pending

This prime farming opportunity is located in the highly desired Fresno Irrigation District. The ranch is currently planted to plums and nectarines with 15± acres of open ground. The property also has good ground water and soil which works well for an area that is known for growing a wide variety of permanent plantings. The centrally located Academy Ranch is on the busy corner intersection of Belmont Avenue and Academy Avenue between Sanger and Fresno.

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40 acs. Selma Vineyard & Rental Home With C. I. D. Water


This property is located in the highly desired Consolidated Irrigation District. The area is also known to be a good farming area for a wide variety of permanent plantings. The property also has a residence that is being rented for $1,000 per month. The farm also has an ag pump and well with a good ground water table.

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19.68 acs. Madera Thompsons


Older Thompsons, valves and treated stakes and metal stakes in various areas. Soils are good and a property is located in a great location. Surrounding properties are planted to Thompsons, almonds and DOV vines.

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